Q&A with Nathan Smith, actor in The Last Days of Melville Malloy

The Last Days of Melville Malloy actor, Nathan Smith
The Last Days of Melville Malloy actor, Nathan Smith—photo by Jolene Hanson

Some may remember Nathan Smith from his involvement in iDiOM’s first couple of seasons, working with Artistic Director Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao on productions such as The Devil & Billy Markham, Tom & Jerry, and A Christmas Carol.

Nathan is visiting us from his current home in Los Angeles for the world premiere of Glenn’s newest play, The Last Days of Melville Malloy, and he took a break from his busy rehearsal schedule to answer a few quick questions about himself and the show.

Hi Nate! Tell us a little about yourself?

I earned my degree in Theatre from Western Washington University in 2000. After that I moved to Seattle for five years before heading to L.A. where I’ve lived and worked for past nine years. I reside with my girlfriend, Francesca, and our two cats, Brutus and Bronx. I’ve been acting for around 25 years in theatre, film, web series, commercials, and industrials.

What can you tell us about your character in Melville Malloy?

Nathan and Glenn in The Last Days of Melville MalloyI don’t want to give away too much about the show, but Glenn wrote this role for me so I can definitely relate to the character. I’m obviously no rock star, but Melville’s struggles are those of anyone who chooses a life as an artist, or really anyone who contemplates their mortality, legacy, and place in the universe. It’s been rewarding and challenging working on this show.

How has this experience been different than your past work?

Due to geography, our rehearsals have been truncated and split between L.A. and Bellingham so we have had to work a lot on our own, with some very long nights in the theatre, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast.

It’s always extremely rewarding working on one of Glenn’s scripts, however.There is always so much to unpack with his work and the man definitely knows how to turn a phrase. It’s a world premiere and we have workshopped it every which way, again challenging, but so fulfilling. I feel very fortunate to be the first person to get a crack at Melville. He’s a lot of fun and one hell of a ride.

Interview by Lorraine Wilde

The Last Days of Melville Malloy posterGlenn Hergenhahn-Zhao’s The Last Days of Melville Malloy, a world-premiere two-man play about fame, philosophy, drugs, and a missing singer.

The show plays Thursday/Friday/Saturdays through November 21.

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