Butt Kapinski creator/star Deanna Fleysher answers our questions…

Seeing a Butt Kapinski performance isn’t really much like seeing a performance at all; it’s a little more like being in the back of a van as it drives off a cliff and tumbles down the mountainside. Except the entire time, you are laughing harder than you have in years, laughing until your face and sides hurt.

We asked Butt Kapinski star/creator Deanna Fleysher a few questions about Butt’s return to the stage with a brand new mystery on Dec 26 & 27:

iDiOM: Butt Kapinski is a world premiere each time he graces the stage because of the method used to develop his character and solve his mysteries. Can you tell us a little bit about his birth and history?

Deanna: Butt was born on a street corner in New York City… and also in my mother’s womb. Butt is me without my normal human disguise. He has been around for about nine years, in festivals, comedy clubs, theaters, and occasionally, filthy alleys.

This is Butt Kapinski’s third visit to iDiOM, this time to investigate a cult of devil-worshipers right here in the City of Subdued Excitement. Can you tell us how this investigation will be different from previous ones?

This time we’re going straight to the nature of evil, just in time for the holidays! And we’ll learn a lot about Satan along the way.

Butt Kapinski spent some time traveling the world this year. Can you tell us a little about his adventures?

Butt left the Continent for the first time! Doing the show in London and then for a month at the Edinburgh Fringe was really cool. It’s a relief when the humor translates across oceans. Butt’s next destination is Australia. It’s fascinating to see what aspects particularly tickle certain cultures and what jokes are universal.

Deanna and Butt Kapinski have spent a lot of time together. How are they most alike? Most different?

We both love mysteries. We both love filthy alleys. One of us has more of a paunch than the other. One of us has better hair.

The holidays have a dark side for many of us. What led you to explore that angle, and is the result considered appropriate for younger viewers?

I love the dark side of the holidays! It’s my favorite! Eggnog AND misery?! Sign me up! And no, unfortunately Butt Kapinski is never appropriate for younger viewers. 16+ is a good rule of thumb.

This show is totally brand-spanking new! Still in development! Very exciting and terrifying! And it’s extremely cool that I get to debut it in Bellingham at iDiOM. Butt and I are very fortunate. And may Satan bless us, every one!

Butt Kapinski posterBUTT KAPINSKI: and a Very Satanic New Year! is a brand-new interactive comedy show, performed for the first time ever on Saturday, December 26 & Sunday, December 27 only, at iDiOM Theater. (Doors at 8:30pm, show at 9:00pm)